Best Guide to Budapest Airport

download-6Budapest Airport is the main airport in Hungary, serving the capital city and the surrounding region. There are about five more international airports located in the country, but Budapest Airport is by far the largest. Connections between Hungary and other European cities are the main flights from the airport, but there are also routes to intercontinental destinations, such as Africa, North America and Asia.

The airport is often referred to as Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, being named after the famous composer to honour his 200th birthday. It is found just 16kms from the middle of Budapest. The latest statistics showed a total passenger number of more than eight million tourists.

The facility is operated by the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport Operating Plc, and has been running since 1944. It is a public airport that is the base airport hub for Malev Airlines, Travel Service and Wizz Air. Malev Hungarian Airlines is the national carrier for Hungary.

Whether visitors are first time patrons of the airport, or travellers that regularly pass through the halls of Budapest Ferihegy, the following information will certainly help take the worry out of being in the facility.

There are three terminals located at the airport.

Terminal 1
The Terminal 1 building is quite unique, as it is designed in the shape of an aircraft. It is mainly used for low-cost flights and budget carriers, but both Schengen and non-Schengen flights are offered. This terminal is actually not located on-site with Terminal 2. It is found closer to Budapest but can be reached from the other terminals by bus. It is much older than the other airport site, but still accommodates quite a large number of people.

Upon arrival at the terminal, visitors will enter the ground floor. Patrons will find the check-in area as they pass through the entrance of the terminal. The rest of the airport is split into two areas by a large glass wall. These two areas are the Schengen and non-Schengen zones. There are shopping stores and restaurants located in both zones, before and after the security check. In addition to food and shopping services, others include automatic teller machines, restrooms, water fountains and wireless internet.

Terminal 2A
Built in 1985 but refurbished in the late 1990’s, Terminal 2A is found on the main site of the airport. It was originally designed to accommodate flights only from Malev Hungarian Airlines, but in 2008, when the Schengen Agreement came into affect, the terminal served all international flights by non-budget carriers that came from Schengen member countries.

The terminal contains many basic services and amenities for passenger satisfaction. Restrooms, water fountains, restaurants, shops, and car rental are all available from the terminal. In addition, Budapest Airport hotels are found just a short bus ride from he terminal.

Terminal 2B
Like Terminal 2A, this terminal is designed for specific flights. All non-Schengen flights that are operated by large national carriers fly into Terminal 2B, which was built in the year 2008. It is actually connected to Terminal 2A through the Sky Terminal, which contains most of the shops and restaurants located at the collaborated Terminal 2. Despite the fact that the two terminals are connected, they are considered to be separate terminals.

The Sky Terminal is found on the mezzanine level, between terminals 2A and 2B. Some of the restaurants found in the terminal include Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Yumcha and Upper Crust.

On the ground floor of the terminals, visitors will find the transportation options available for patrons, including buses, taxis, and car rental. Some of the car rental companies located in the terminal include Hertz, Sixt, Budge and Avis – all reliable and world renowned services.