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Getting Your Own Private Jet

Well, the first thing we wondered was why would anyone want to own a private jet. I can understand owning a private car, but a jet? Turns out it’s not such an unusual thing in the gazillionaires’ club. A rich guy/gal might want a jet for the same reason that their comparatively poor counterpart might want a car.

Why Would one Want to Own a Private Jet?

To save time: Who wants to hang around waiting for public transport? Besides commercial flights can be late or delayed, which is not a good news if you expect to attend an important business meeting at a specified time.

For convenience: There are too many hassles involved at the airport these days before you can board a commercial jet. There are certain requirements and limitations on what you can carry on board and what you can’t. There are the long searches, where you have to take off your shoes to reveal your feet, unpack your carry-on luggage to reveal its contents and open your laptop to get it checked. This can be annoying if you’re a privileged billionaire with holes in your socks, an untidy packing style, and intensely hush-hush stuff on your laptop.

For comfort: Who wants to share cramped seats with the public? Who wants to line up for the bathroom? And how are you supposed to conduct super-secret google searches for your business or trade secrets over email/chat with your associate if the chattering passengers on your either side keep peeking into your computer screen?

Benefits of Owning a Private Jet

#1 You can fly to whichever locale you want, so long as it has the facility to land your jet.
#2 You can travel whenever you desire.
#3 You can have as many stops as you want.
#4 You can travel faster.
#5 You don’t have to wait in line for boarding the jet. You have your own separate check-in.
#6 You can avail of a luxurious interior with comfy seats and even a bed or two.
#7 You can conduct business meetings in the flight.
#8 You can avail of wireless Internet, listen to music, watch movies, have a video conference, and much more.
#9 You can enjoy excellent cuisine along with a fine wine.
#10 You don’t have to worry about baggage. You can either keep everything you need on board, or arrange to have it transferred from your home to the plane without exerting yourself.

Of course, you need to have pots and pots and pots of money to be able to enjoy such a luxury. A private jet doesn’t come cheap at all – the price goes into millions, actually – and as the saying goes, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

Aside from the hefty price of the plane itself, there are tremendous costs involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the jet, to keep it in a safe and flyable condition. Fuel too costs plenty of money. So also the pilot’s salary and the salaries of the flight attendants, if you’re going to have those (after all, where’s the luxury in getting up to brew your own comforting cup of tea?). If you don’t want to have a pilot, you have to shell out a good amount to get flying lessons and a pilot’s certification. Life isn’t exactly easy for the rich. So before you decide to splurge on your own private jet, you should consider how often you fly or are planning on flying. If you are not going to fly all that frequently, getting a plane and leaving it to grace the airfield is not perhaps the wisest thing to do financially – and probably what you won’t do if you had the financial acumen enough to get in the position to be able to afford the jet in the first place. It would be much smarter to jostle shoulders with the hoi polloi if you only make one or two business trips a year and conduct the rest of your business, like the smart person you are, over email, telephone, and video conferences.

However there are other alternatives to buying a jet plane. You can buy a share in a jet plane and get a timeshare card allowing you around 25 or 50 or more hours of use. You could charter a jet too. There are a growing number of charter companies that charter jets for private use. These options too come at a considerable expense, but you don’t have to worry about keeping the plane in shipshape, that is the charter company’s headache. Although there are plenty of charter companies, it doesn’t seem the norm yet for people chartering planes to shop around and get themselves a better deal. The idea seems to be – “If we had that middle-class mentality, we would be still lining up at the airport to catch a commercial flight.”

Ways to Earn the Much Anticipated Frequent Flyer Miles

In today’s highly competitive and globalized marketplace, customer is the de facto king, with multiple brands and businesses out to woo him with special offers and competitive prices. Air travel is in general, an expensive proposition compared to other means of transport, but thanks to competition in this sector too, there are ways in which you can get cheap airline tickets or practically travel free using points earned through frequent flyer programs! In this Buzzle article, I provide you with some essential tips on earning frequent flyer miles to sponsor your free air travel.

About Frequent Flyer Programs

Air travel is expensive and one of the ways in which domestic and international airlines provide incentives to their customers to continue using their service is by enrolling them for ‘Frequent Flyer Programs’. Once a traveler has signed up for such a program, he receives free air travel miles in proportion to the number of miles he travels through a flight.

These ‘Air miles’, ‘Points’ or ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’ keep getting registered and accumulating in the customer’s account for every flight. When a sufficient number of points get accumulated, they can be used to buy a free air ticket of proportional value eventually. There are more than one ways in which you can earn extra points and I will talk about some of them, in the following lines.

Ways to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

At the beginning, the only way you could get hold of air miles or points was through flying, but when more allied businesses got on the bandwagon, opportunities for earning miles multiplied. Here are some smart ways of maximizing your share of frequent flyer miles.

Keep Flying First-Class or Business Class
First and foremost, the best way to keep earning points is to keep flying in first-class or business class whenever possible. That’s because, traveling in these classes can earn you fractionally more miles, compared to economy class. When you pay more for the flight, you also arrange for your future free flights by earning frequent flyer miles.

Sign Up For More than One Frequent Flyer Programs
Study which air lines operate in the regions in the US or abroad that you frequently travel to. Sign up for frequent flyer programs offered by domestic, as well as international flights, which you are bound to use regularly. As you travel, you will accumulate points in both accounts, which you can use later.

Use Hotel Services Affiliated to the Airlines
Look into the details of your frequent flyer program to look for hotel chains and restaurants that are affiliated with it. By staying in affiliated hotels and eating in connected restaurants, you can earn bonus air miles for yourself. Using the services of car rental companies, affiliated with airlines, can also help you earn frequent flyer miles.

Earn Points Through Credit Card Purchases
Certain credit card companies have deals with major airlines. They reward you with air miles for usage of the credit card for purchases. There is no point in going for an extra credit card with a high interest rate, just for the frequent flyer miles. See if your existing credit card company offers this facility.

Buy Points Directly
If you are very close to making that dream total of frequent flyer miles that you require for your much awaited vacation, you can directly buy those points from the airline, by paying in cash or through a credit card.

You don’t want to end up with a high credit card debt, in going overboard to get those extra miles. Making extravagant purchases that cost more than airline tickets to get frequent flyer miles defies common sense. Don’t fall into the trap of high interest credit cards that promise you air miles, while crash landing your finances! The points that you accumulate through your regular air travel and necessary purchases, besides stays in hotels and use of car rentals will eventually accumulate to provide you with a decent pile of air miles, which you can capitalize upon at a future date, for your dream vacation plans.

Tips to Survive the Apocalypse of a Plane Crash

I have a friend who is a flight attendant and she always complains that most of the passengers, the minute they enter a flight, start ordering and always ignore the safety speech. Though it is for their safety, they are least bothered and assume it’s the attendant’s job to save them in the event of any untoward accident. But what these people fail to understand is that by attentively listening to the speech, they are prepared for the worst case scenario and can also protect their fellow passengers as well.

Surviving through a plane crash is difficult, but with properly following the briefing, one can certainly avoid being a victim. According to the government statistics, the probability of surviving a plane crash is high but these results do not guarantee the passengers to relax. It’s more important to be alert and stay focused while flying. Also, keeping a safety kit with you is the best option while flying.

Tips for Survival

Strategically Plan
While the plane is coming down, it’s important to remain calm. Next, think about your plan of action as to how you will survive the impact. Always listen to the air attendant as they are there to guide you. Do remember to use seat belts and tightly fasten them around you so as to avoid the force at which you can be propelled forward. Bend your head between your legs and your arms behind your legs so as to brace yourself for the impact. If you are not able to bend fully then place your arms on the back of the front seat so as to avoid any upper body injury.

Don’t Carry On Luggage
While you are getting out of a plane that has crashed, it’s important that you leave your luggage behind. Do not, under any circumstance, open the overhead bin as the luggage may drop on your face because of the position of the plane. It’s not worth your life. It’s necessary that you get out of the plane as the grace period allotted to passengers involved in a crash is very less.

Dress Code
Though there is no dress code for flying with any carrier but still it’s better to stick to cotton pants, full sleeve shirts or jeans and sports shoes. On the flight, resist the urge to take off your shoes because during a crash your feet will be safe from injuries resulting from debris and broken glasses. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes which are prone to fire and avoid loose fitting clothes. Also avoid stuffing your pockets with some unnecessary items instead keep a cotton cloth. In the event of a fire, the smoke can be harmful if inhaled. The cotton cloth soaked in water should be used to cover the mouth area so as to avoid the poisonous smoke. So try to keep a bottle of water in your seat bin.

Survival Seats
According to experts, sitting within five rows of exit can increase your survival chances. Also, the back end of the plane bears less brunt than the front end therefore try to take the last seats. Even aisle seats and the ones near to the exit are best in terms of getting out easily.

Food and Drink
Even though you might be tempted to munch a little more than usual, do not do so. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks as these make you feel dizzy and nauseated when you are involved in a plane crash. Though now flights have light meals or no meals at all, it’s better for passengers to be alert during takeoff and landing.

It’s always advisable that you read the emergency safety cards as these contain great deal of information that can help you in time of crash. The information might be read by you before but all the flights have some unique information to give on their flight safety exits, information about safety vests and the way the vests are to be inflated and used. Also while going to your seat try to count the number of seats after which your seat is located. In the event of crash smoke spreading in the plane, at least you will be able to count and rush to the nearest exit.

Help Yourself
When you are involved in a plane crash, first try to put on the oxygen mask so as to breathe normally. After you have put the mask on, try to help your fellow passengers. As you are walking out of the plane, do not push people as it might result in a stampede. Try to walk fast and encourage people ahead of you to walk fast. After you have stepped out of the wreckage try to run far from the wreckage sight and follow the instructions of the flight personnel’s. It’s better to stay far from the crash as the risk of plane catching fire is high after it has crashed. If the plane has crashed in a water body, extract the life vest located under your seat and wear it. Inflate it when you are out of the plane and going to slide down so as to make sure it is not punctured.

Being involved in plane crash is like a nightmare come true. Nobody wants to imagine such a situation but it’s important that if we experience such a nightmare, we should maintain a positive helpful attitude.

Wonderful Ways to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Even an atheist will thank God after surviving a long haul flight! It is difficult to articulate the misery and the frustration that you have to experience in the flight, which takes you across the globe. Let me make one thing clear; a long flight is not the same, as a flight which you perceive as long. Spanning over 15 hours, these flights make you wonder why you boarded the flight, and makes you think, that you would be happier if you could just take a parachute and jump out!

All those who think I am exaggerating, do not know how what it feels to have a pain in the neck, a numb bottom, swollen feet, lack of sleep, a stiff back, risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), extreme boredom, and a very bad headache, all at the same time!

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight may be tiring and frustrating, but if you want to reach the other end of the globe in a day, then it’s the best option. If you prepare well, then you may not have a very bad experience on a long flight. Here are a few tips that will make such a long flight a bit easier for you:

When to Travel

A long haul flight may seem worse, if the flight is crowded. I advise you to consult a good travel agent, before you finalize your travel plan. He will suggest you the flight which you should board, and tell you the best time to book flights, so that you do not find the flight completely packed. Traveling in the peak season, would not be such a great idea, unless you like a fully crowded flight.

The Right Seat

If you have an uncomfortable seat, you are doomed! So, it is very important that you book the right seat. If you have a bladder problem, then you should definitely opt for an aisle seat. If you just want to avoid any disturbance from people walking in the aisle, then the window seat will be the best for you. If you are traveling with your kids, then go for bulkhead seats. There are various websites that will help you choose the right seat, so do visit them before you book the tickets. If you are flying first class, then half of your problems are solved!

Comfortable Clothes

Do not wear tight clothes! The most valuable thing on a long flight is comfort, wearing tight clothes which do not allow your body to breathe, could make the flight a nightmare for you. I recommend you to wear loose clothes, and do carry a pair of socks, and your footwear should be easy to remove.

Things to Carry

It is important to carry all the little things that have the potential to increase your comfort. You can easily get a travel kit in the market which has all the essentials (a neck pillow, eye masks etc.), and do not forget to carry your iPod fully loaded with all your favorite songs, some classic novels, your favorite television series, and also carry all blockbuster movies that you can think of. Avoid the temptation to carry extra luggage on your flight, or you will have to compete with your luggage for space. With every extra bag that you carry, you are reducing your seating area, and trust me, you will end up regretting the extra luggage!

Ways to Spend Time

If you have packed the right things, then you will definitely have means to kill your time. Do not start listening to songs immediately, you do not want to read the sign “battery low”, when you need your iPod the most, right? Keep snacking and watching movies at regular intervals. If you are someone who always wondered which is better, Friends or How I Met Your Mother, this is probably the best time to decide, watch both of them back-to-back! Finish one or two books if you have the patience to read so much. Walk through the aisles, and interact with people, if you are lucky, you might find someone interesting. You can also work if you wish to. Apart from all of these, the best way to spend time is, sleep!

Things to Remember

  • Secure your luggage, wallet, etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Regulate alcohol, and caffeine intake.

Frequent fliers have the privilege of upgrades. If you can get upgrades, go for it! Upgrades are the best way to make your long haul flight better. Happy journey!

Travel Safety Tips for Pregnant Women

Travelling in pregnancy may not be a very enjoyable experience for most. However, it does not necessarily have to be a bad experience. Thousands of pregnant women travel via air every year and majority of them are able to avoid any kind of untoward accident. Appropriate knowledge and some carefulness is perhaps the prerequisite for a safe journey. Here are some useful tips to be kept in mind to ensure the safety of the pregnant women during air travel.

Consult the gynaecologist – Before planning a travel and booking airline tickets, consult a good gynaecologist to know whether you are fit to travel or not.

Book Direct Flights– Direct flights are always convenient for pregnant passengers as it saves them from the trouble of changing the aircraft repeatedly. Though airlines tickets for direct flights are comparatively expensive but the convenience they bestow is worth the money spent.

Book Best Seats in Advance– Plan you travel well in advance to make the best bookings possible. Compare flights and air ticket costs and then make online air tickets booking to reserve the seats available with extra legroom space.

Restrictions on Pregnant Travellers – Many airlines put certain restrictions on the travelling of the pregnant women during the late days of their pregnancy. For this, the airlines go through several medical aspects of the pregnant travellers including their due delivery date, number of babies mother is expecting, health issues, etc. For instance, pregnant ladies who book air tickets to Indiawith British Airways will face no travel restrictions up to the 36th week of pregnancy, provided the passenger is not expecting multiple births.

Packing– Pack loose and comfortable clothes to stay calm and relaxed during your holidays. Keeping a pair of comfortable and light shoes is also highly recommended as it can make your travel experience relaxing and stress-free.

Reach Airport Early– Reach airport early to avoid last minute rush as any sort of rush can make pregnant passengers feel stressful and uneasy.

If you need assistance from your personal helper till the entrance, you may collect an pass from the airport service desk.

Avoid Dehydration– Dehydration can be really bad for pregnant ladies during air travel. Try to consume sufficient amount of water to relish a comfortable travel experience. You may also carry your own water bottle to sip water at regular intervals of time.

Flight Safety – To ensure safety on the flight, keep your seat belts fastened all the time. Use handrails or seat backs to stand and move inside the aircraft. The flight attendants must be told about the presence of the pregnant traveller in the flight in advance so that they may pay extra attention to the traveller.

Finding The Safest Transportation for People With Frail Health

For most people who are not too healthy or suffer from chronic ailments, travelling is one a cumbersome exercise that requires much effort and strength. Despite the enhanced level of comfort that most modern transportation systems provide, many such people avoid travelling unless it is absolutely necessary. Even then they remain in perpetual fear of arriving at their destination safe and sound. For such people air travel presents the most viable transportation option as it not only minimizes the travelling time but also ensures the safest and most comfortable journey. With flyers such as Kulula Airlines offering cheap air travel facilities, people can travel to various destinations in South Africa in safe and stress free manner.

 The flyer is well known for its commitment towards ensuring maximum comfort and safety of its passengers. The in-flight staff takes special care of passengers who inform them about their health problems at the time of boarding. It is therefore advisable for the passengers suffering from frail health to inform the stewardesses on their Kulula flight about any special needs they might have to ensure a comfortable and hassle free travel experience. However, it is also the responsibility of the passengers to ensure that they carry all the necessary medication and other things that they might need during the journey to remain fit and healthy.

Kulula is one of the renowned cheap flyers offering its services across diverse routes in South Africa. Despite providing affordable tickets to the passengers, the airline does not compromise their comfort in any manner. Like with most other flyers, users can provide their preference of seat during Kulula flight bookings and airline takes any requests made by ailing passengers quite seriously. In fact the staff of Kulula airlines can actually assist the passengers even upon reaching the destination to get through security checkout and other formalities in a hassle free manner.

Such assistance is provided to passengers across all Kulula flights, including any Kulula specials that might be operated on specific routes. Whether a passenger is bed ridden, wheelchair bound or suffering from a chronic disease, the flyer makes every effort to ensure that unwell passengers do not face any discomfort or stress during their in air journey. From the time of boarding the flight to the time they reach their destination, ailing passengers are handled in the most delicate and pleasing manner and their slightest wishes are attended to in a quick and satisfactory manner.

Over the years, Kulula has emerged as one of the most reliable and efficient low cost flyers offering its facilities for both domestic and international passengers in South Africa. It has time and again proven that comfortable and safe travel does not necessarily cost a fortune. It well maintained fleet of aircrafts and well trained in-flight staff ensures minimum delays and inconvenience to the passengers. That is why the flyer has become the first choice of people who need to travel to different destinations across the country even when they are not in the best of their health.

Ways to Spend Time at an Airport

You are sitting at the airport waiting to board your flight, looking forward to reach your destination. You look at the announcement board at the airport and breathe a sigh of relief that your flight is scheduled on time. However, within a few minutes you hear an announcement, “Attention please, all passengers on XYZ airlines flight 310589 to Chicago, the gate has been changed to 31A. Also there will be a delay in departure. The new departure time for this flight will be 11.45. This is due to heavy snow in Chicago. We would like to apologize for the delayed departure. Thank you for your patience.” Now, this can be an unpleasant experience, unless you decide to take it in the right stride, not lose your calm and enjoy the delay. Well… I know it sounds a little weird, but there are a few creative ways to kill time when things like that happen. Take a look at how to spend time at an airport, in case of a delayed flight.

How to Kill Time at an Airport

Carry your favorite book along…
Whenever you are traveling and especially if you are alone, make sure you carry a book you like or simply a comic book (if you do not enjoy reading intense books). If you have forgotten to carry one, walk to a magazine or book stall at the airport (you have plenty of them there) and browse through the books there. You will find a lot of people at the airport with newspapers, borrow one for the time being and return it once you are done with it. Reading is not the only thing you can do, read the entire article to know a few more interesting things.

Surf the net…
If you are carrying your laptop along or if you have a smart phone, you are definitely sorted. People with such gadgets are never alone and never bored. So, get googling. You can also enjoy a few social networking sites or simply surf the net. Online games are the best to keep you occupied during your stay at the airport. Check your emails, send your friends an email or reply to one. Use the time for yourself.

Listen to music…
A delayed flight can give you a chance to download your favorite music, which probably you have been waiting to download since a long time and listen to. Keep your ipods or MP3 players updated with good music and audio books, trust me they really help you kill time and enjoy the experience, rather than sulking. If you do not have these gadgets, your mobile phones support MP3 format, update your cell phone with some good music.

Window shopping…
Shopping is the best remedy to fight the unpleasant feeling of flight delay. No, I don’t mean go shopping at the airport and shell out cash, but it doesn’t hurt to go and look for things. Just go window shopping! You never know you might like something and would want to pick it up for someone and make them happy. Or even better, end up buying something for yourself making yourself happy.

Pamper yourself…
This is something I did the last time I was stuck at the airport; pampered myself. Massage parlors and spas are very common these days at the airports. Give yourself a relaxed muscle tingling back or foot massage. A rejuvenating facial massage and manicure or pedicure also works wonders to help you forget your delayed boarding time. So, relax and rejuvenate.

Talk to people around…
If there’s something that the airport is rarely short of, it is people. Talking to your fellow travelers is a great way to kill time. If you are traveling with your family nothing like it you get to catch up with them and spend some quality time chatting. However, if you are nervous about starting a conversation with a stranger, simply start with “where are you flying?” and go on. Sometimes you get to meet interesting people at the airport.

So next time with an airport layover, you know what you have to do when your flights canceled to keep yourself entertained and occupied. You can also jot down your experiences and about the different kind of people you met or noticed at the airport. Perhaps even blog about the experience!

Ways to Use Frequent Flyer Miles More Efficiently

If you really thought that airline companies were trying to ‘do their bit’ for society by introducing frequent flyer programs, you were clearly born yesterday. These programs happen to be one among the many enterprising ideas that enable airlines to earn a quick buck on the side, while the unwitting customer goes on a diligent flying spree in order to nail that one free flight to Paris in the summer.

Several thousand frequent flyer miles and as many phone calls later, the customer resigns himself to the fact that a flight to Paris won’t come entirely for free, and that there’s got to be a way to make use of those wretched miles. Well, mentioned below are a few tips that will tell you how to use frequent flyer miles efficiently.

▶ Know your airline partner(s)
Airline partnerships are your best bet when it comes to redeeming frequent flyer miles for plane tickets. For instance, if you are in possession of United Airlines’ miles, book trips with Thai Airways, ANA, Swiss, South African, or Air New Zealand; in fact, you can earn and use your MileagePlus® miles on over 35 airlines worldwide, as a part of the Star Alliance. This obviously widens your choice when it comes to picking routes and destinations. This may not be an outstanding tip in a manner of speaking, but the fact remains that it is hardly ever advertized, and therefore, tends to skip our minds.

▶ Use it for class upgrades
Well, you may not always lay your hands on a low cost ticket, but you can always use your frequent flyer miles to nail a class upgrade. Affording a premium class ticket may not come easily to most of us reading this, so it is rather obvious to make use of an opportunity like this when it presents itself.

There are times when certain airlines offer flyer miles as a bonus with certain tickets, and it would be wise to snap these up, if you have already stacked a decent amount of miles yourself. You can add these miles to your existing account, and choose to go for an upgrade on your next overseas trip.

▶ Keep your miles from expiring
You may have painstakingly stacked up several thousand flyer miles through trips, airline malls, and the airline miles credit card, but you must ensure to read the fine print that comes along with it. Most flyer miles are valid for a period of 12 to 18 months, beyond which they do expire if your account has been inactive. This policy varies from airline to airline, so you need to keep a check, and avoid getting a rude shock when you wish to redeem them after a prolonged gap.

Shopping at the airline malls to keep your account from expiring is a reasonable idea. This way, you’re keeping your account active by spending a relatively small amount, and gaining miles from your purchases as well.

▶ Learn to spot a good deal
What amounts to a good deal, really? It is usually when you get a good return on every dollar you spend. Now, you may not be able to extract a profit with your frequent flyer miles, but you can at least avoid being taken for a complete ride. Now, it would seem idiotic to blow 25,000 miles on a domestic trip that costs you less than USD 400. So, how do you avoid settling for less?

It’s simple―always aim for gaining at least two cents per mile. If you manage to score three to four cents per mile, consider yourself quite lucky; but do keep this basic calculation in mind.

Making use of the frequent flyer program requires quite a bit of tenacity and endurance as well. But do your research well, and you stand to gain a lot from programs such as these.

Tips on Booking Air Travel

A long standing debate, among frequent fliers as well as rookies to the playing field, revolves around the best time to travel and the best time to book said travel. Right from finding the cheapest flights to getting them on the days you originally wanted, there are a few factors that affect your travel schedule, especially if you are travelling on a budget.

When To Book

To get the most out of your travel package, you should know when is the best time of book inexpensive flight tickets. According to a recent study, the ideal period to book your tickets is approximately 54 days before domestic travel and 126 days before international travel.

Points To Keep In Mind

When it comes to ideal times to book a flight, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Not only is it important the number of days in advance you book it, but things like destination and airline are going to determine your end results as well. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when looking for the best time to book your travel.

  1. Keep Your Destination In Mind
    When booking your tickets, keep in mind the place you are visiting. While some countries are prone to have cheaper airline tickets during winter, others tend to have ones that aren’t exactly cheap. For example, the cheapest month to travel to Canada, France, and Germany is November, which is different than that of July for Singapore and Thailand.
  2. Compare
    Sites like FareCompare would serve you well when trying to decipher the best times to travel, thus leading to the best time to book. The days of the week and the time of day affect the airfare just as much as the destination you are flying to. That said, make sure to research and compare prices before taking the leap.
  3. Remember To Be Flexible
    Although some choices may prove to be slightly inconvenient at first, it could save you money in the long run. For example, when you are booking your flight, you come across two choices, one that flies to a major international airport and one that is a few kilometres from the first. By opting for the flight that flies to the regional airport, you open yourself up to the choice of cheaper airfares.

Do Your Research
By planning your travel in advance, you get the option of learning all there is about the place you are visiting. Read about the best times to visit, which will give you an idea about the cheapest months to travel to it. Also, read articles that will better prepare you on finding the best prices in the country for the cheapest flights, if you have crossed the 54-day or 126-day time frame.

Tips on Choosing Best Private Jet Charter Company

Undeniably, private jets are expensive. Until recently, they’ve only been associated with the high-fliers of society, mainly corporate, politicians, and celebrities. However, with all the uncertainty involving commercial carriers, several businesses have opened their eyes to soliciting private jets. Not only are they convenient, but they also add definite savings to the deal, especially when the time factor is logged in.

Which probably explains the number of jet charter companies that have mushroomed in recent years, creating a conundrum among potential customers about making the right choice. The points that follow offer useful tips to let you zero in on the right private jet charter company.

Check its Market Standing
Yes, we all know how expensive private jets can be, therefore, the first recommendation ought to be about the pricing. But no. With the plethora of companies in the market currently, you need to pick one that gives you great returns on the (rather massive) investment you’re making. Which is why it’s very important to pay heed to the company’s reputation.
To begin with, you should be checking out customer testimonials, or better, asking among your associates and acquaintances about the services they may have availed. A first-hand review goes a long way in selecting the right company, rather than focusing solely on the pricing.
Check its Safety and Comfort Levels

Believe me, one can never emphasize enough on the safety aspect of an aircraft, be it commercial or private. Which is why things get a little complicated than booking a seat on a commercial airline right here. While selecting a private jet charter, it is your responsibility to examine the company’s view on safety measures, insurance, and other precautionary features they offer. After all, you need to be able to trust them with your life. Again, it helps a lot to have someone who’s been their customer, rather than reading the fine print on the company’s website or contract agreement. Remember, safety and comfort should always be a priority above everything else.
Check its Credentials
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has the authority to issue an Air Taxi Certification to an aircraft to make it eligible for hiring. This certification can only be issued to a carrier that fulfills the FAA’s stringent security and safety regulations. Insist to view the aircraft’s FAA certification to make sure that it has hiring clearance.
Check its Fleet
Each type of jet has a particular set of functions. Some maybe the last word on opulence, whereas others may simply be steadfastly functional. Examine the structure, size, and floor plan of the jets to be able to shortlist one that suits you. Pick a company whose aircraft you think will serve your needs. Remember that the distance also has a bearing upon the type of jet to be selected. Keep in mind the size of your troupe, and the purpose of your trip(s) in mind while making the selection.
Check the Competition
While making a financial transaction, it always makes sense to compare costs. It has never made sense to dish out a huge sum on a company when you could have easily nailed a competitive deal with just a little more research. Having said that, the pricing should never be placed above safety and comfort.
Check the Brokers Too
As with all businesses, this one too has its fair share of brokers. Air charter brokers have alliances with several operators, thus, providing you an expansive selection of aircraft. These companies also manage to squeeze you in on extremely short notice, and get you where you want to be, in time.
Thus, the very task of picking a jet charter company isn’t too tedious. All you need to do is ask around, and indulge in some online scrutiny. But before you sign them on, do ensure that you have been thorough with all the ‘checks’ mentioned above.